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WATCH A Fox Host Motion For Video Of Trump Bowing To Be Cut During Interview With Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump, the King of Lies and Fox News, the propaganda outlet of right wingers everywhere. Yes, it’s a match made in conservative heaven, and the two make sure to protect each other every chance they get.

In recent months, Trump has said the following about Fox News:

Of course, Fox makes sure to return the favor, lauding the fake POTUS with praise for creating jobs even though the jobs report they’re referring to can be attributed to President Obama. They’ve also been reluctant to do much reporting on the Russia investigation, trying to blame the actions of Trump administration members on the “liberal media” who seem obsessed with featuring a story that is rightly on the minds of most Americans. Hey, so some people in the White House may have committed treason, but did you hear what Jake Tapper said on CNN the the other day?! Shocking!

If you were in need of further proof that Fox News will go to any lengths to protect their asshatted orange douche weasel, look no further than Jeanine Pirro’s show on Saturday evening. Pirro was interviewing the Queen of Bullshit, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, and when the control room went to a split screen showing Trump doing his bow/curtsy to Saudi monarch King Salman, Pirro made a motion for the video to be cut:

What’s the matter, Jeanine? You trying to swat a mosquito or asking the cameraman to tell you what time he has? Oh no, lemme guess: You know the Orange Menace looks like a total fool bowing the same say you accused Obama of doing when he went to Saudi Arabia in 2009. Tough guy Trumpie isn’t allowed to look weak for the Fox viewers.

This one brief video tells us everything we need to know: Fox is not “news.” It never has been and never will be. It’s just the electronic cheering section for all things Republican and Trump. Fair and balanced? Yeah, and Kellyanne Conway never uses “alternative facts.”

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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