WATCH A Democratic Congressman Shame The GOP For Trumpcare And Receive A Standing Ovation

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives is expected to pass the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, so the morning was set aside for speeches by members of Congress in favor and opposed to the Trumpcare bill which would replace Obamacare.

One of the most controversial provisions of the Trumpcare legislation would strip away protections for those with preexisting conditions and allow individual states to decide whether or not insurance companies are allowed to charge much higher premiums for those will such conditions.

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) rose to speak, and wasted no time letting the Republicans know their promises about how their proposal would not harm those with preexisting conditions was nothing but an outright lie:

“To claim or to imply that the Republican plan covers people with preexisting conditions, it is a lie. It is a lie. And let’s be honest about it. This does not cover people with preexisting conditions. And to come on the floor and say it does, to try to fool people, well, you may get away with it in the short-term, you may get a headline but I tell you people will figure out soon enough when they are denied health care coverage.”

And McGovern also shamed the GOP for taking coverage away from tens of millions of people just so they can give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans:

“You should be ashamed. To have a health care bill that cuts Medicaid by $880 billion so you can give a tax cut to the wealthiest people in this country, you should be ashamed.”

When he had finished, McGovern’s Democratic colleagues gave him a standing ovation for his comments.

Congress will begin an 11-day recess on Friday, and it should be interesting to see the reception Republicans receive when they return to their districts.

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By Andrew Bradford

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