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WATCH A CNN Host Fact Check A Trump Shill Into Oblivion When He Lies About Muslim Ban

If there’s one thing we know definitively about Donald Trump, his allies, and his supporters, it’s that they lie. They lie constantly and even when they don’t need to.

Such was the case when Trump backer and former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston appeared on CNN Saturday. The topic was Trump’s executive order barring refugees from seven nations in the Middle East, and host Poppy Harlow asked Kingston:

“What data can you point to that justifies that these seven nations have a tie to U.S. terror attacks or a higher incidence of bringing terror to this country?”

Kingston replied:

“I think maybe the idea that I would say, the evidence is that the countries themselves don’t really have a standard that would preclude enemies of the United States from emigrating here. These are not countries that are known to love the United States of America.”

Harlow’s follow-up question was perfect:

“So you say these are not countries that love the United States and therefore this is justified. So, what about Russia?”

The former congressman tried to say there was no comparison between Russia and the nation of Sudan, which is on the list Trump issued Friday. And that’s certainly true because the Sudanese didn’t hack the DNC or actively work to get a raving lunatic elected the American head of state.

Next, the CNN host got more specific, asking Kingston:

“Congressman, can you point to a single terrorist attack in this country that was carried out by a Syrian refugee?”

Of course he can’t, because not a single terror attack in the United States has been perpetrated by a refugee from Syria.

Kingston then leaned on the tactic of not answering the question and resorting to bullshit:

“I think you could look at DHS records and see that refugees in general have often been the cloak under which terrorists do move from country to country. And we do not know who’s coming in to our country.”

Yet again Kingston attempted to shift the debate, blurting out:

“Ft. Hood, Orlando, San Bernardino, and terror attacks around the world.”

That’s when Harlow laid some major whoop ass on Kingston, telling him:

“Congressman, you said something that is not factual.”

To that, Kingston tried to say Harlow should let him finish his sentence, but she again reminded viewers:

“Congressman, you’re talking about American citizens. I want to correct this for our viewers.”

Kudos to Poppy Harlow for not letting this Trumpkin spew his lies without correction. We need more of this in the news media.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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