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Washington Post Runs Full Page Editorial Warning About Dangers Of Trump As President

Donald Trump hates the Washington Post. And it turns out the feeling is mutual.

The Post has just published a full-page editorial warning that were Trump to be elected President in November, the fate of the United States as a representative democracy would be sealed.

The Post editorial board begins by stating:

“DONALD J. TRUMP, until now a Republican problem, this week became a challenge the nation must confront and overcome. The real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament. He is mounting a campaign of snarl and sneer, not substance. To the extent he has views, they are wrong in their diagnosis of America’s problems and dangerous in their proposed solutions. Mr. Trump’s politics of denigration and division could strain the bonds that have held a diverse nation together. His contempt for constitutional norms might reveal the nation’s two-century-old experiment in checks and balances to be more fragile than we knew.”

The editorial then goes on to call Trump a danger to the entire world:

“Any one of these characteristics would be disqualifying; together, they make Mr. Trump a peril. We recognize that this is not the usual moment to make such a statement. In an ordinary election year, we would acknowledge the Republican nominee, move on to the Democratic convention and spend the following months, like other voters, evaluating the candidates’ performance in debates, on the stump and in position papers. This year we will follow the campaign as always, offering honest views on all the candidates. But we cannot salute the Republican nominee or pretend that we might endorse him this fall. A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world.”

Additionally, the very idea of Trump as Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in the world leaves the Post writers terrified:

“The lack of experience might be overcome if Mr. Trump saw it as a handicap worth overcoming. But he displays no curiosity, reads no books and appears to believe he needs no advice. In fact, what makes Mr. Trump so unusual is his combination of extreme neediness and unbridled arrogance. He is desperate for affirmation but contemptuous of other views. He also is contemptuous of fact. Throughout the campaign, he has unspooled one lie after another — that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated after 9/11, that his tax-cut plan would not worsen the deficit, that he opposed the Iraq War before it started — and when confronted with contrary evidence, he simply repeats the lie. It is impossible to know whether he convinces himself of his own untruths or knows that he is wrong and does not care. It is also difficult to know which trait would be more frightening in a commander-in-chief.”

They are, of course, absolutely right. Donald J. Trump is the greatest threat to the United States in our entire history. More than Nazi Germany, more than the old Soviet Union, more than the danger ISIS and other Islamic radicals currently pose to us and our allies. Trump is mentally and temperamentally unstable and totally undeserving of any power whatsoever. To let this man have his finger on the nuclear trigger would be suicidal. He must be stopped.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

3 replies on “Washington Post Runs Full Page Editorial Warning About Dangers Of Trump As President”

Well Donald, I think the Post has better words than you…. the BEST words, as a matter of fact… Why don’t you show your taxes, or quit? Or, stuck around…. the beating you’re going to get at the Polls is going to be Yuuuge!!!! LMBAO!!!

The author hits the nail right on the head. Perhaps the biggest challenge to the Constitution since the U.S. Civil War.

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