Washington Post CRUSHES Rudy Giuliani For Suggesting Hillary Is Sick

It’s tempting to call this the “silly season” in American Presidential politics, but when isn’t it with Donald Trump and his numerous intellectually challenged surrogates and spokespeople?

The most annoying of those surrogates in recent weeks has been former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who seems determined to make sure no one forgets him. He has been going on numerous news shows and suggesting that Hillary Clinton has a serious medical condition which the media should be investigating.

The editorial board at the Washington Post, like most of us, has had enough of this bullshit, and they took Giuliani to task in an op-ed in which they noted:

“During his 15-minute speech at the GOP convention last month in Cleveland, it was notable that when he said Donald Trump loves ‘all people, from the top to the bottom,’ Mr. Giuliani animatedly gestured toward his knees as he said ‘top,’ and above his head as he said ‘bottom.’ Also, why did he say that he and his wife, Judith, have been friends with Mr. Trump for 30 years, though he met his wife in 1999, only 17 years ago?

“Also — we’re noting this purely out of concern — during his speech he often licked his lips, indicating dry mouth, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, can be a symptom of nerve damage, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease. At the end of his address, beads of sweat were visible on his pate — did that not suggest heart disease?

“Mr. Giuliani is just 72, but he seemed slightly stooped as he walked to the lectern, where his wide stance made us wonder if he’s unsteady on his feet. Then there was his slurred diction, as when he referred to ‘jushtified’ police shootings and Syrian ‘refyoongees.’ More evidence of a stroke?”

I would add to this that just a couple of weeks ago Giuliani appeared in public with a huge knot visible on his head. Asked about the injury, the former mayor laughed it off, saying he had slipped in the shower. Really? Was that because he had a mini-stroke and lost his balance, or might it be because he has a brain tumor which is messing with his balance when he stands? See how the game is played, Rudy? Anyone can say anyone may be seriously ill, but without proof you’re just playing conspiracy theory roulette.

A word of wisdom and warning for Rudy Giuliani: Before you cast aspersions at others, just remember that karma can be one mean son of a bitch.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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