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Warnock Destroys Walker In Georgia Senate Debate: Herschel ‘Has A Problem With The Truth’

The Friday evening debate between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and his Republican opponent, Herschel Walker, wound up being a blowout, with Warnock reminding voters that Walker says one thing one day and another the next, meaning he cannot be trusted.

When he was asked if he supported gun safety legislation, Walker said he would never vote for any bill that would impact the Second Amendment and then attacked Warnock for suggesting some members of law enforcement cannot be trusted.

“And because of the name calling he’s done, the morale is down, recruitment is down, only because of what he’s done. He’s empowered criminals to think they’re better than police.

“He don’t protect the border, fentanyl is coming into this country — also into Atlanta Seventy percent of the drugs coming from the border goes to Atlanta, Georgia.”

Asked for a response, Warnock replied:

“We will see time and time again tonight, as we’ve already seen, that my opponent has a problem with the truth. And just because he said something doesn’t mean it’s true.”

Warnock then leveled his opponent with this line:

“One thing I have not done, I’ve never pretended to be a police office. And I’ve never threatened a shootout with the police.”

Rather than admit he had lied about being a police officer, Walker flashed a fake badge and was scolded by the moderator for violating debate rules by using a prop.

Among the other lies Walker has told along the campaign trail, according to The New Republic:

  • Reporting from The Daily Beast, including receipts and a “Get well” card, revealed that Walker, who opposes abortions without exceptions, in fact paid for his girlfriend’s abortion.
  • Walker’s campaign claimed last December that Walker has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and graduated in the top 1 percent of his class from the University of Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution looked into the claim and found it was false.
  • Walker claimed in January to be Native American on his mother’s side, stating that his grandmother was a “full-blooded Cherokee.” His own mother was unable to confirm these claims in an interview with HuffPost.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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