Wait Until You See How Trump Has ‘Renovated’ The White House (PHOTOS)

Not long ago, it was reported that President Trump had told golfing buddies at one of his country clubs that the White House is “a real dump.” Trump denied he had made such a comment, but as with all things Trumpian, the truth is usually absent.

So, while Trump has been on vacation at his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey, renovations have been taking place at the White House, especially the West Wing and Oval Office, where the Donald spends most of his time. And it would appear that Trump decided to go from “dump” to bordello:

Ah yes, Trump’s gotta have gold everywhere. Gotta be gaudy as hell. Kinda makes you wonder if maybe that orange tint we see on his face isn’t from injections of gold.

But wait, there’s so much more!

Trump even had the wallpaper in the Oval Office replaced, saying the wallpaper that had been there when he arrived was “very damaged.” Sounds like BS, but that’s the Trump way:

That fascination with gold eagles on the part of the president caught the eye of Adam Khan, who noted that another infamous leader was also fond of such decorations:

So, what do you think? Are you happy with how Trump is spending your tax dollars to turn what’s supposed to be “the people’s house” into just another tacky casino? Guess it doesn’t matter whether we like it or not because this out of control president doesn’t give a damn about our thoughts.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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