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Wacky Conspiracy Theorist Granny Says The Biden White House Is Just A Hollywood Movie Set

If there’s one thing that right-wingers excel at, it’s spinning wild conspiracy theories that confirm their own twisted view of the world.

For example, you probably recall Alex Jones from “Infowars” has claimed that mass school shootings such as the one in 2012 at Sandy Hook that killed 26 people — including 20 children aged six and seven — were “false flag” operations staged by the U.S. government for the purpose of garnering support for gun control legislation. Jones later recanted his disgusting smear because he was sued by parents of the kids who died on that horrible day.

Now, however, with social media ascendant, the average Joe or Jane can easily post their own fact-free theories on the internet and get millions of views.

For example, a woman who goes by the handle “crazy4fun72” has been recording videos and posting them on TikTok in which she asserts that the Biden White House isn’t real at all. Instead, she assures viewers, it’s just a giant movie set where Joe Biden is playing the role of POTUS:

“So, I guess this needs to be said tooooooooo. All you people who think Biden is the president, you guys cannot get no stupider, ok? He’s not in the White House. It’s closed down. He is on a movie set! You guys are so freaking ignorant that I just have to laugh and laugh! ‘Cause you’re not hurting my feelings. Never one time did Trump ever have to fake anything that he’s done. Not one time! He don’t fake shit.”

Crazy4Fun goes on to add that the American people need to “wake the fuck up.”

In previous videos she’s made and shared with other gullible conservative lemmings, Crazy4Fun also said that Winter Storm Uri which hit Texas and caused massive power and water outages, was “fake” and the snow had been manufactured by the government, working with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

While it’s currently not a crime in this country to be stupid, maybe it’s time we make it one.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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