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Viral Video Shows Ted Cruz’s iPhone Humiliating Him For Saying He ‘Believes In Free Speech’

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz got embarrassed when his iPhone fact-checked him as he was bashing “Big Tech” as part of Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest, which was held in Phoenix.

Cruz was blasting away at tech companies:

“Big Tech, they are hard left. They’re not just Democrats. They’re to the left of the Democratic Party. And they’re trying to drive the Democratic Party left. And, you know, listen, I’m someone who believes in free speech.”

No sooner had the words “free speech” left Cruz’s mouth than Siri, the Apple iPhone virtual assistant, told him:

“Something went wrong. Please try again.”

Cruz tried to laugh the whole thing off, remarking:

“Well, Big Tech is getting mad. Siri just said, ‘Something went wrong. Please try again.’

“I’m actually perfectly happy that Siri got mad. Sorry there, Siri.”

However, as “perfectly happy” as Cruz wanted us to believe, be sure and note in the video that he immediately hands his phone to someone (probably a staffer) and continues with his anti-tech blathering.

Twitter users then joined the fun:

If Cruz hates “big tech” so damn much, shouldn’t he refuse to tweet, post on Facebook, or use a cell phone? Put your money where your fat mouth is, Teddy. Otherwise, it’s just another publicity stunt gone wrong.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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