Video You MUST SEE: Jimmy Kimmel Gives Us Drunk Rudy Giuliani!

In recent months, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has at times seemed as if he’s totally lost what little mind he once had. He’s either railing about Hillary Clinton’s health, saying the Clinton Foundation is involved in criminal activity, or declaring that Donald Trump is the only person who can possibly bring safety to the United States.

It’s tempting to believe that Giuliani is just a pathetic political whore who will say and do anything for a prime job in a Trump White House, but then again, it’s just as likely that Rudy has jumped the shark and finally gone wacko.

Jimmy Kimmel, however, has another theory: Maybe Giuliani is hitting the sauce kinda heavy. And it was with that premise that Kimmel presented “Drunk Rudy Giuliani” on his show last night. Take a look:

Now, no one is saying Rudy is actually drinking, but it would explain why he’s been acting so damn crazy here lately. I’d love to give Giuliani the benefit of the doubt and just say he’s expressing himself. But when you consider how he treats people he disagrees with, I’m gonna go with this new theory: He’s drinking heavily, has been dropped on his head too many times, and is also just plain stupid.

See, there’s a reason for everything. Have fun denying all the rumors, Rudy!

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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