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Up Next For Donald Trump And His Family: Being Criminal Defendants

Now that we know Joe Biden is officially the 46th president of the United States, Donald Trump and his family will be moving out of the White House as the Bidens move in, and many are wondering what might happen next for the Trumps.

What does the future hold for the Trump family? What will become of Donald, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric? Based on the evidence we have so far, it’s safe to say that all four of the Trumps (and perhaps even Melania) are going to find themselves in the offices of their attorneys and various courtrooms.

Once Donald Trump is no longer president, most of the so-called “protections” he enjoys as head of state will no longer be in place, meaning that any prosecutor and grand jury can indict him or any of his family, as Kara Scannell explained recently for

“Without some of the protections afforded him by the presidency, Trump will become vulnerable to multiple investigations looking into possible fraud in his financial business dealings as a private citizen — both as an individual and through his company. He faces defamation lawsuits sparked by his denials of accusations made by women who have alleged he assaulted them, including E. Jean Carroll, the former magazine columnist who has accused him of rape. And then there are claims he corrupted the presidency for his personal profits.”

New York, New York

First and foremost for the Trumps are the investigations underway by both Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. and the Attorney General of New York, Tish James, both of whom are looking at possible fraud by the Trumps and the Trump Organization:

“The most serious legal threat facing Trump is the Manhattan district attorney’s broad criminal investigation into the financial workings of the Trump Organization. Prosecutors have suggested in court filings that the investigation could examine whether the President and his company engaged in bank fraud, insurance fraud, criminal tax fraud and falsification of business records.

“The New York attorney general is also proceeding with a separate civil investigation into the Trump Organization and whether it improperly inflated the value of certain assets in some instances and lowered them in others, in an effort to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits.”

Grab him by the….

There are several outstanding allegations of sexual assault and rape that have been filed against Donald Trump, and those will be fast-tracked once he’s no longer president. Any of them could lead to major financial penalties and parallel criminal charges which could leave the former president in serious legal jeopardy and facing years behind bars. Those include:

  • Claims by Summer Zervos that Trump sexually assaulted her in Beverly Hills and later defamed her when she spoke out.
  • Claims by writer E. Jean Carroll that Trump raped her in a changing room at a New York department store. She also says that Trump defamed her.

Uncle Sam wants YOU!

A new administration means a new attorney general, and that AG could bring any number of federal charges against Donald Trump and members of his family who also serve as corporate officers of the Trump Organization.

If it can be determined that Trump’s company has been engaged in a pattern of criminal behavior, the Department of Justice could even charge Trump and the Trump Organization under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. As part of that, the feds could seize all the assets of the Trump family and their company, leaving them financially destitute.

The Trumps are going to be very busy indeed in the months ahead. But they won’t enjoy what awaits them. Guess they shouldn’t have been so eager to chant “lock her up” at Hillary Clinton not so long ago.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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