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Unhinged Trump Advisor Says Obama Won 2008 Election Due To Voter Fraud (VIDEO)

Everywhere you look, Donald Trump and his brainless surrogates are claiming that the 2016 election is “rigged.” They offer no proof, mind you, but they’re convinced that the Democrats will steal the election even though there’s absolutely no need to as Hillary Clinton has a double-digit lead in the polls and is ahead in almost every swing state.

But the award for Moron of the Year has now been handed to senior Trump advisor Boris Epshteyn, who said last night on CNN:

“What Mr. Trump and our campaign are talking about is the rigged system in two ways. One, in terms of the media. 96 percent of donations, contributions in this cycle by the media are going to the Clinton campaign.”

Host Jake Tapper tried to restore some reason and sanity to the discussion, telling the Trumpkin:

“Boris. That’s like from like restaurant — that’s like from TV critics and restaurant reviewers. That’s not from me! That’s not from Chris Cuomo or campaign staff or anybody covering the election.”

Epshteyn then tried to use fake statistics to prove his case:

“Numbers by Pew show that 40 percent of people who are not citizens are registered to vote. People who are dead voting in Colorado. Those are the kind of instances, the kind of voter fraud, we want to make sure that does not happen.”

Ever so slyly, the Trump advisor then attempted to slide this bit of nonsense by everyone:

“Barack Obama may have won — that Barack Obama may have won in 2008 in North Carolina due to illegal voting.”

An incredulous Tapper asked the Trump shill:

“Boris, where are you getting that from? Barack Obama won in North Carolina because of voter fraud?”

Epshteyn attempted to recover, asserting:

“Look at the Washington Post story saying 5 percent of voting in North Carolina may have been by non-citizens who shouldn’t have been voting and swung North Carolina to Mr. Obama — to President Obama — because of how tight the race in North Carolina was in 2008.”

No, Boris, President Obama won the state of North Carolina–and the entire election–in 2008 and 2012 because more people voted for him. Those people were not illegally registered and they were not part of some stupid conspiracy theory that you and other Trump disciples love to traffic in. He won because he was the better candidate and people liked him. And come November 8 of this year, the same will be true when Hillary Clinton beats the crap out of the Orange Menace. End of story.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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