Donald Trump Jr. Racism Social Media WTF?!

Twitter Reacts With Revulsion When Don Jr. Posts Meme About White Men Marrying Black Women

It remains a mystery why some white men are so threatened by strong, successful black women, but there are millions of them across this country (and globe) who seem to feel that if things are going well for women of color, it lessens men as human beings.

That, of course, is complete nonsense, and yet it’s still a major tenet of the so-called “MAGA movement” that was spawned by disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump. The ex-president has been a bigoted piece of crap his entire life, and he’s only gotten more racist as he’s grown older.

His son, Donald Trump Jr., however, is young enough to know better, yet he’s only too happy to traffic in racist tropes and suggest that white heterosexual men in the United States are somehow an endangered species.

For example, consider this utterly disgusting meme Junior posted on social media:

What is that about? Obviously, it’s meant to try and flip what has been said about the MAGA faithful (probably because it happens to be true), but it’s actually nothing more than a whiny demand to be recognized and appreciated by Don Jr., who has clearly never felt loved a day in his life, most certainly not by his father, who is a cold fish and malignant narcissist.

Consider for just a moment what has been said about such insecure white men as the former president and his namesake son:

From boasting about the size of his penis on national television to releasing records of his high testosterone levels, President Trump’s rhetoric and behavior exude machismo. His behavior also seems to have struck a chord with some male voters. See, for example, the “Donald Trump: Finally Someone With Balls” T-shirts common at Trump rallies.

But our research suggests that Trump is not necessarily attracting male supporters who are as confidently masculine as the president presents himself to be. Instead, Trump appears to appeal more to men who are secretly insecure about their manhood. We call this the “fragile masculinity hypothesis.”

Twitter users, however, were not willing to extend such a scientific take on the matter, and they destroyed Don Jr.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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