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Trump’s Sons Selfishly Cut In Line Ahead Of Children At 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll: New Book

There’s a familiar phrase we’ve all heard since we were kids: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The meaning of that saying, of course, is that a child will often exhibit qualities or talents that are remarkably similar to their parents.

Nowhere is that old expression more true than in the Trump family, and a new book suggests that the two oldest sons — Don Jr. and Eric — are indeed just as spoiled, entitled, and hateful as their father, the failed, one-term former president.

According to I’ll Take Your Questions Now, written by former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in 2017 — an event that’s supposed to be all about children — Junior and Eric jumped in line of the kids who had been invited for egg roll so they and their spawn could be at the front of the line.

Business Insider reports on the section of Grisham’s book that has left many shaking their heads in disgust:

Grisham writes that Trump’s eldest sons cut the line “ahead of the other children in attendance and made sure their own kids and not the kids of the general public were in the photos with the president and first lady.”

“Some of the children and their parents had stood in long lines for an hour or longer to get a spot with the president, and they were relegated to the background,” she continued. “I would go on to develop positive relationships with most of the Trump children, but that was a generally obnoxious and entitled display that did not appear to surprise” Melania Trump and other East Wing aides.

Of course, the behavior of the former president’s sons shouldn’t surprise anyone. They’re the very same assholes who stole money from a children’s cancer charity and then used it for their own purposes. That and other massive irregularities in the Donald J. Trump Foundation led the New York attorney general to demand the “charity” and foundation be shut down in lieu of her filing charges against the Trumps for their blatant grifting.

Grisham’s book also contains this tidbit about Melania Trump and her reaction to the Easter celebration at the White House:

Melania Trump purposely kept the crowd size smaller than was the custom because she didn’t want to keep parents and their kids waiting in long lines. She also paid close attention to the Easter bunny’s wardrobe and apparently wasn’t pleased with it.

“I don’t like what he is wearing,” the first lady said of the bunny, who initially wore a plaid vest, Grisham writes. Melania “felt it was tacky and distracting,” so “then and there, only minutes before he was to hop out onto the White House lawn, Melania Trump made the Easter bunny strip.”

There’s an obvious joke about Melania making someone strip that could easily be made, but it’s hardly worth the hassle of the lawsuit she’d likely file. You’ll just have to create your own punchline.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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