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Trump’s Latest TV Interview Is A Sweaty, Paranoid Mess

He’s back, and it appears he must have recently been stuck in the Sahara Desert because he’s a sweaty mess.

He, of course, is the twice-impeached, failed former President Donald Trump, who sat down for an interview with a “reporter” from One America News (OAN), the so-called “news” network that makes Fox News look tame in comparison.

As Media Matters notes, Trump talked mostly about (surprise!) how he had been cheated out of second term in office because there was all sorts of voter fraud, though he didn’t bother to provide a bit of evidence to support such a specious claim:

Trump sat down with One America News Network (OAN) to continue his efforts to undermine democracy with false election claims in an interview that first aired on January 4. During the discussion with OAN’s Christina Bobb, Trump praised her and the network for helping cover the “rigged” election, saying, “You cover this better than anybody, and you know what you do and what OAN does is so important.” (Bobb has spearheaded efforts to overturn the 2020 election results through audits and was present at the “war room” at the Willard Hotel during the day of the Capitol riots.)

Even though he canceled his scheduled January 6 press conference (reportedly because he couldn’t get any networks to cover it live or in its entirety), Trump was only too happy to fulminate with a long list of lies about what transpired that a year ago this week:

During the interview, Trump brought up the the Capitol attack, claiming that his supporters were in Washington, D.C., in “massive numbers” because “the election got rigged and stolen from the American people.” He claimed that only a “tiny percentage” of the people at his speech at the Ellipse “went to the Capitol” and that “there was love that day” among the crowd. Most of Trump’s concerns were about the media, in his opinion, not fairly showing the size of the audience – “the biggest crowd I’ve ever spoken to by far” — and then he got distracted by relitigating the size of his inauguration audience.

However, the most pathetic portion of the interview was when Donnie began claiming that several states were about to be overturned and given to him, meaning he’d be back in the Oval Office very soon:

Trump claimed news would be emerging soon that “numerous states are going to be turned,” adding that “it’ll show they were won by me” and erroneously claiming he “won” Arizona.

While people debate whether or not Trump is going to run again in 2024, one look at how badly he’s deteriorated mentally since leaving office (he was never that sharp to begin with!) and it becomes clear all that’s left is one final, parting grift so he can salt away some bucks and try to pay his attorneys in the vain hope of avoiding incarceration.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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