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Trump’s Latest Grift: Renting Himself Out As A ‘Motivational Speaker’ For The Gullible

It’s a given that most ex-presidents often give high-profile speeches after they leave office, often for very large sums of money.

In 2017, former President Barack Obama spoke at a healthcare conference hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and pocketed a cool $400,000 for his efforts. He was also heavily criticized for that speech because he had previous said:

“I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.”

And now we have failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump stepping into the speaking for cash bonanza, but what he’s doing is quite different than speaking to a room of bankers.

According to Axios, the Donald is now renting himself out as a motivational speaker:

At events hosted by an outfit called the American Freedom Tour, Trump is whipping up arena-sized crowds resembling his campaign rallies.

It’s privately run — and, according to organizers, it’s driving huge audience interest.

Trump stands to benefit on both ends. He headlines a rally-type event with a third party footing the bill, and stands to gets a hefty payout for his time.

AFT’s founder, Chris Widener, told Axios that “most all of our speakers get paid an honorarium for the event,” but he declined to name Trump’s fee.

Trump’s next speech is Saturday in Austin, Texas, and you can attend at one of three levels of support, depending on how much cash you have to waste on a boring recitation of bullshit from the worst ex-president in American history:

  • Ticket prices start at $9, for the Satellite tier. That includes a spot in an overflow room at the venue to watch the program on a TV screen.
  • Presidential tier tickets cost $4,995. That includes early access to the event site, admission to a reception and a photo-op with Trump’s son Don Jr., as well as premium seating to watch Trump speak in person.
  • No price is listed for the top Patriot tier. Interested parties are instructed to email for more information. That tier includes a roundtable and photo-op with former President Trump himself and a roundtable with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

AFT, it should be noted, is run by Widener and Brian Forte, who sounds a great deal like Trump in that he’s fond of not paying his bills.

In 2018, Forte filed for bankruptcy, which seems odd for a man who often speaks about how you can achieve success like his:

Forte’s scheduled talk was themed “success” despite his own financial history. He filed for bankruptcy in 2018, records show.

“He did not complete the process. He has never been bankrupt,” said AFT spokesperson Larry Ward, a veteran Republican media consultant. A $200,000 tax lien filed against Forte by the IRS late last year “is being resolved,” Ward said.

“Being resolved” is another way of saying that Forte is trying to work out a payment plan with the IRS to avoid going to prison.

Can you imagine paying $5,000 just to hear a boring asshat like Donald Trump speak? The man has nothing to say that’s worth hearing!

Hell, I’d pay $5,000 right now to have Donald Trump never open his yap again. And I’d get my money back, because you know he could never stay silent for more than five minutes unless he’s sound asleep.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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