Trump’s Latest Denial Of #Peegate Is BEYOND Bizarre (VIDEO)

One day, perhaps we’ll look back on the 2016 presidential election and laugh. But for now, with Donald Trump just 48 hours away from taking the oath of office, there are still lots of disturbing questions that haven’t been answered.

In an interview Trump gave to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News, Trump once again leaned on the “fake news” defense for rumors that Russian intelligence has videos of Donnie having a pee party with some Russian prostitutes, telling the Fox reporter:

“It’s fake news. It’s all fake news. You know, I can say something about George Washington, I can say something about Abraham Lincoln, I can say something about you. I can just — fake news and [the CIA] shouldn’t have been a part of it.”

Hey, a person could even allege the President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, is secretly a Muslim, and wants to impose socialism on the United States. But what kind of a lowlife assclown would do such a thing and demand Obama show the world his birth certificate? You’d have to be lower than whale shit to do that.

Then the interview got downright surreal as Trump said he accepted CIA Director John Brennan’s denial that he had leaked the information about the pissing party in Trump’s hotel room:

“It’s made up. Never existed. Never happened. And the reason I say that so strongly because nothing is ever going to show up. There’s never going to be a tape that shows up. There’s never going to be anything that shows up. Now, I would be very embarrassed if a tape actually showed up, saying something like that. It would be double embarrassed because I’m saying there is no tape. There is no event. I was never even in that room for that period of time.”

Also, note how Trump continually refers to “they” as the source of everything that happens to him:

“It started with the Republican Party when they tried to beat me in the nomination and it went on. The Democrats took over the work, supposedly. And by the intelligence giving it credence by just even talking about it — it was very inappropriate. So I don’t know who the leaker was. I have no idea, but it’s fake news.”

I guess all we can do is wait for the next stream–I mean shoe!–to drop.

Here’s President Pissoir denying his ass off:

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