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Trump’s Favorite Sheriff Calls For War Against ‘Subversive’ Progressives (VIDEO)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is a very angry man. He’s also a blowhard and a bully. So it’s little wonder that Donald Trump is such a huge fan.

At a victory rally in Wisconsin earlier this week, Clarke was against front and center, giving a fiery speech in which he called for the crowd to ready their “pitchforks and torches” ready to help Trump and Mike Pence as they enter the White House and “fight back” against the “subversive” progressive movement.

How ironic is it that someone representing Donald Trump, who was elected with the help of a Russian president who has murdered women and children in Chechnya and even bombed his own populace in Moscow in order to bolster his own power would talk about others being “subversive?” Trump and his buddy Putin appear to have subverted the will of the American people–nearly 3 million more of whom voted for Clinton than Trump–so that the Russians could install their own personal puppet in the Oval Office.

It’s also instructive to keep in mind that this is the very same David Clarke who has:

  • Accused the Black Lives Matter Movement of being affiliated with ISIS.
  • Compared Beyonce to the KKK.
  • Said the Great Seal of the United States should include a machine gun.
  • Repeatedly called for an armed uprising against the federal government after the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality.

There is no doubt that David Clarke is a lowlife scumbag who seeks to foment violence against his enemies, much like Trump repeatedly did during his campaign. These two douchebags deserve each other, and they also deserve to be locked up in the same cell for a few decades.

Here’s Clarke at the Wisconsin rally, spreading his noxious brand of hatred and violence:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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