Trump’s Chicago Hotel Embroiled In Scandal That Could Lead To Its Closure

Donald Trump’s Chicago hotel has been hit with a legal ruling for violating state environmental laws that could spell doom for one of the Trump Organization’s flagship buildings.

David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post reports:

“An Illinois judge has found former president Donald Trump’s Chicago hotel liable for violating state environmental laws, because the hotel is sucking in Chicago River water to cool its air-conditioning systems without a valid permit.

“That ruling, from Cook County Circuit Court Judge Sophia Hall, stems from a lawsuit that the Illinois attorney general’s office filed against Trump’s hotel in 2018.

“The attorney general’s office said the Trump International Hotel, a glass tower on the city’s downtown riverfront, sucks in more than 19 million gallons of river water a day — and returns the water, warmer, to the river. The Trump hotel had obtained a permit for this system, but missed a 2017 deadline to renew it.”

The hotel has been in violation of the law for three years, which may mean Trump is on the hook for some massive financial penalties.

If the judge rules in accordance with what the state of Illinois is requesting, the Trump Organization may be looking at a tab that runs into the millions of dollars:

“The attorney general’s office has asked for the maximum penalty: $50,000 each for two violations, and an extra $10,000 for each day the violations persisted. In theory, that could add up to more than $12 million in fines.”

Worst of all for Trump is that the tenuous situation for the Chicago hotel could have easily been avoided if he had merely renewed the permit by the renewal date in 2017. Instead, the hotel continued to operate in violation of the regulations and is now facing a bill and other litigation that could sink the it since the Trump Organization is already deeply in debt and facing enormous loan repayment schedules in the near future.

Donald Trump has bragged for years that he’s a great businessman. But he isn’t. He’s merely a con man who is now watching in horror as his con catches up with him and exacts its toll.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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