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Trump’s Campaign Is So Broke It Can’t Afford To Buy TV Ads In Texas

With only 26 days remaining until the election, literally nothing is going well for Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, which is beset on all sides by bad news.

Consider what faces the Trump campaign:

  • The president has coronavirus and is on massive doses of steroids, causing him to rage on Twitter about all manner of things
  • A new poll from CNN shows Trump slipping behind Joe Biden by 16 points, suggesting that Biden is on the verge of winning in a landslide
  • The U.S. economy remains stuck in a recession, with economists projecting things will get worse before they get better

As if that’s not bad enough, Politico is reporting that the Trump campaign is so short on funds that they cannot even run TV ads in the state of Texas, where Biden just made a $6.2 million ad buy:

“In a move that would have been far-fetched even a few months ago, Joe Biden is set to spend $6.2 million on ads in the state over the next month — attempting to put the state in play for the first time in decades. The latest polling averages show President Donald Trump leading by only 2 to 3 points in Texas, and Biden’s push there illustrates both how much the state has changed and how much the political environment is tilting against Trump less than a month from the Election Day.

“Perhaps even more astounding: Trump doesn’t have the money to counter the cash-flush Biden on TV.”

Trump only leads in deep red Texas by 2 or 3 points. And he cannot scratch up enough cash to counter Biden’s massive ad buy. That’s the very definition of being in very deep political shit.

And Texas isn’t the only state where Biden is blasting Trump when it comes to advertising. The same thing is happening in Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Ken Spain, a former National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman, said the money differential is indeed a dire harbinger of what’s to come when the votes are counted:

“[Biden’s campaign] capitalized on its momentum, raised money in late summer, spent it strategically, and that’s translated into a bump in the polls, which in turn, brings in more money for them. That’s a troubling sign [for the Trump campaign].”

It has long been said that money is the mother’s milk of political campaigns. And right now, Donald Trump’s bid for a second term is sucking hind teat.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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