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Trump’s Attorneys May Have Accidentally Given Mueller A Slam Dunk Case

If President Trump thought that high-priced attorneys would be able to shield him from culpability in the investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the actions of two of his lawyers may have actually helped hand the case to Mueller on a silver platter.

Trump attorneys John Dowd and Ty Cobb were overheard discussing the Russia probe while lunching at a Washington, D.C. restaurant. Ken Vogel of The New York Times was sitting at a nearby table and took a photo with his cell phone as he listened to the two men talking:

During that same discussion between Dowd and Cobb, Cobb mentioned that White House Counsel Don McGahn has documents related to the Russia investigation “locked in a safe.” Which raises the question: What documents might McGahn have, and what do those documents say?

But Cobb’s comments are also very bad news for his client, the president. If the White House Counsel is sitting on material which proves Trump’s guilt and he hasn’t turned them over as instructed, then he’s guilty of obstructing justice. And, now that Mueller knows such documents exist, he can easily obtain them via court order since they directly relate to his investigation.

McGahn is also neck-deep in the Russia matter. As the Times notes:

“Complicating the situation is that Mr. McGahn himself is a likely witness. Mr. Mueller wants to interview him about Mr. Comey’s dismissal and the White House’s handling of questions about a June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer said to be offering incriminating information about Hillary Clinton.”

If indeed McGahn can be squeezed by Mueller, it seems a safe bet to assume that he, as a lawyer, would know that he has no choice but to reveal everything he knows if called before a grand jury.

The bottom line is that Dowd and Cobb may have handed a key element of the case to Mueller by accident. As the old saying goes, Loose lips sink ships.

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By Andrew Bradford

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