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Trump’s Attorneys Hacked In Massive Data Breach – Information Dumped On The Dark Web

A law firm defending former President Donald Trump has been hacked and data gained from that hack is now appearing on the internet, according to a blockbuster report from the Wall Street Journal:

“A hacker claims to have stolen files belonging to the global law firm Jones Day and posted many of them on the dark web. Jones Day has many prominent clients, including former President Donald Trump and major corporations.

“Jones Day, in a statement, disputed that its network has been breached. The statement said that a file-sharing company that it has used was recently compromised and had information taken. Jones Day said it continues to investigate the breach and will continue to be in discussion with affected clients and appropriate authorities.”

The alleged hacker goes by the name Clop and made sure to verify the information had been obtained by posting pages of it on sections of the so-called “dark web,” which include “a few individual documents that are easily reviewed by the public” and the Journal:

“The Journal was able to see the existence of many more files—mammoth in size—also purported to belong to Jones Day, posted by the hacker on the so-called dark web. Hackers typically post such stolen information after the hacked entity fails to pay a ransom. The Journal was able to contact the hacker using an email on its blog.”

According to the hacker, he has “over 100 gigabytes of data”, which could prove to be incredibly damaging for the former president, who is already facing numerous potential legal pitfalls for allegedly cheating on his taxes and laundering money through his company, the Trump Organization.

It remains to be seen if the hacker seek a ransom from Jones Day or its clients to prevent the release of more data from the cyber intrusion.

Things are getting worse by the day for Donald Trump. And a massive release of legal documents involving him or his corporation could prove to be especially damaging now that he no longer has immunity from indictment or prosecution.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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