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Trump Worshipers Circulate Bogus Pic Of NFL Player Burning Flag – Get Hit By Instant Karma

Looks like the pro-Trump faction in this country is getting desperate. That’s not surprising when you consider they support a man who has historically low poll ratings, is widely hated across the world, and is being investigated for possibly being a traitor.

And in a new low, even for Trumpkins, this photo began circulating online:

Wow, a player for the Seattle Seahawks burning an American flag in the locker room. Shocking! Call NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

No need, because the picture has clearly been photoshopped and is complete bullshit. Snopes immediately shot down the assertion and ran the real photo next to the fake one:

And then Twitter took over, reminding fans of the Cheeto Hitler just how pathetic they–and their president–are and always will be:

The only real surprise is that Trump himself didn’t retweet the image and try to claim it proves his point.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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