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Trump Voter Says She’s SHOCKED Her Hero Wants To Cut Her Meals On Wheels

For some unknown reason, people who voted for Donald Trump were under the impression that a man who has proven time and again to be a pathological liar and narcissist would suddenly become a humanitarian and take care of their needs once he reached the White House. But as he proved with his budget proposal earlier this week, self-obsessed leopards named Trump don’t change their spots that easily.

One person who cast her ballot for Trump is Linda Preast, who receives Meals on Wheels, a program Trump wants to cut all federal funding for. Preast was asked by CBS News if she was surprised Trump would so something to heartless to her and others who rely on Meals on Wheels. She replied:

“Yeah. Because he was told ― I was under the influence that he was going to help us.”

But White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney proclaimed on Thursday that programs such as Meals on Wheels “are just not showing any results.” And he added:

“We can’t do that anymore. We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good. And Meals on Wheels sounds great.”

Jenny Bertolette, vice president of communications for Meals on Wheels America, said the program is already in a constant struggle to meet the needs of those who qualify to receive home-delivered meals due to age or disability:

“The scary thing about that is that funding is already not keeping up with pace. There are already demands that we can’t meet. There is already a waitlist crisis…If this budget was enacted, it would obviously just make matters so much worse.”

Preast was also asked what she would tell Trump that might convince him not to cut the Meals on Wheels program. She remarked:

“What if it was your momma?”

But it’s not his mother, or anyone else in his family, and it’s not him, so he doesn’t give a damn about Linda Preast or anyone else he harms so he can redirect federal funds from them and give massive tax cuts to billionaires.

As the old saying goes, You reap what you sow. And Trump voters are finding that out the hard way.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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What high school did you graduate-from, did you watch him during the campaign, did you read anything about how he is corrupt and evil and he has Never accepted responsibility for any of his Evil ways ever did you really believe anything he spewed out of his hate filled mouth it his about the wealthy

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