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Trump Urges MORE Tax Cuts For Businesses As The U.S. Death Toll Nears 5,000

Even though he can’t manage to get the vital equipment needed to help doctors and nurses who are caring for those with coronavirus — i.e. ventilators, gloves, gowns, and masks — Donald Trump has a brilliant solution to the crisis facing our country as we steel ourselves for losing as many as 240,000 of our fellow Americans.

Trump wants to cut taxes AGAIN!

Yes, you read that right: The solution to the medical and economic problems which have befallen the United States since COVID-19 arrived on our shores are best solved with a yet another tax, Trump is telling us..

Take a look at what Trump posted on Twitter earlier this afternoon:

Before we debate the wisdom of the president’s proposal, let’s review for a moment the massive debt that has been piled on future generations already by Donald Trump:

There’s also discussion of yet another stimulus bill that would supposedly create jobs by building infrastructure and cost $2 trillion or more.

Remember when Republicans used to care about deficits? Apparently that was only when President Obama was in office.

So while we’re at it, let’s also give tax deductions to businesses as they spend lavishly on fancy meals and entertainment. The rich get richer and the rest of us are stuck barely scraping by.

This isn’t to suggest that we don’t need to find a way to help the many restaurants which are currently taking a major financial hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But if we want to help such establishments, why not cut their tax rates to zero for a year or two and give them time to become prosperous again? Why should we give the break to the wealthiest taxpayers who itemize their deductions and have tax attorneys and CPAs to guarantee they get every possible advantage?

As usual, Donald Trump can only see things from the viewpoint of the top 1 percent of the populace, the very people who have been living high on the hog for decades. Maybe it’s time we stuck them with the bills and let the rest of us have some relief.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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Get real Trump and resign…. More tax cuts When the taxpayer has toowatch the way he spends and spends mostly on himself and all his causes Usually hidden from the public. How dare he ask for this when the country men lay dying!! Time this criminal was taken to visit those in need and give up all the stolen Protective gear that he is saving to make dollars on He disgusts me. I am so glad he has nothing to do with the care of my fellow country men we have pure professionalism and someone that puts her people before money..

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