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Trump Surrogate Gets Mocked For Pay-To-Play Hypocrisy Of President-Elect (VIDEO)

During the 2016 race for the White House, Donald Trump repeatedly accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of using the Clinton Foundation as a way of enriching herself by providing favors to those who would make large donations. Trump said it was the perfect example of “pay-for-play.” But now it appears Trump and his two adult son, Don Jr. and Eric, are guilty of the same thing.

On CNN Thursday morning, Trump adviser and surrogate Kellyanne Conway was asked about a scheme set up by the two Trump sons–via a “charitable” foundation–in which they planned to auction off a private reception with the president-elect for donations of $1 million. That offer was later taken off the table shortly after it was leaked to the press. Conway told host Chris Cuomo:

“I think we should go back and look at what Don Jr. and Eric have done and wanted to continue to do, which is raise money for charities. The Eric Trump Foundation is 10 years old. It has done enormously great work.”

Cuomo reminded Conway that’s the same kind of thing the Clinton Foundation argued:

“It’s the same thing the Clinton people said when they were defending their allegations of pay-for-play. They were selling off a million dollar trip to hunt with the boys and hang out with the president. That sounds like paying for access.”

But Conway would not concede the point, responding:

“I don’t know how that’s the same as Bill Clinton giving a million dollar speech in Russia and then Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, turning around and giving 20 percent of the U.S. uranium interests away.”

One would think Ms. Conway might not want to talk too much about Russia as the President-elect won the election with considerable help from his friend Vladimir Putin.

Conway was directly challenged by Cuomo with this question:

“So paying a million dollars to hang out with the president is okay?”

At first, Conway said nothing, as if she was searching for the right words:

“I didn’t say that.”


“I know, you’re not answering. You’re going after the Clintons. I’m saying, what’s your answer?”

Conway tried to say the two situations were not the same, but that led Cuomo to drop a gigantic truth bomb on the paid liar:

“You’re giving the same defense that they gave. When you made the allegations against the Clintons, they said, ‘We do lots of great work. We took these meetings. There’s never been a direct connection between what she did at the [state department] and what was going on at the foundation.’ You’re now saying basically the same thing. ‘Eric Trump does great work with his foundation and paying a lot of money to hang out with the president is okay.’”

Face it, Trump and his family are corrupt as hell. They are grifters and cons who would sell the souls of their children for the right price. Attempting to defend their actions only serves to shine a spotlight on just how unscrupulous they are.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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