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Trump-Supporting Attorney Now Says Canada Is Responsible For Electing Joe Biden

Now that Donald Trump and his allies have blamed almost everyone under the sun for the fact that the American people voted Donnie out of office in record numbers, they’re so desperate to find new excuses that they want to blame our Canadian friends.

The only thing missing is the “Blame Canada” song from South Park, so we might as well provide it. After all, it was nominated for an Oscar:

Trump-fanatic/attorney/wacko supreme Lin Wood spelled out the latest right-wing conspiracy theory on Twitter:

Holy cow! Sounds like roll call at the United Nations: Serbia, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba. Granted, Wood left off some countries, but Twitter only allows 280 characters.

The addition of Soros, Gates, and Clinton Foundation is a nice touch, but only serves to prove that Mr. Wood’s tinfoil hat has redirected too much solar energy to his cranium and boiled his already malfunctioning brain.

What can be done? Should we invade Canada? And if so, who comes next, Serbia or Cuba?

Fortunately, Attorney Wood got plenty of mockery on social media:

Next week, maybe one of these clowns who are still claiming the election was stolen will actually provide some evidence of their accusations. The day they do, you’ll see unicorns flying over Washington, DC farting rainbows of Skittles and hundred-dollar bills.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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