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Trump Supporters Turned A 4-Year-Old Girl Into An Attack Meme–Her Mom Fought Back (VIDEO)

Jennifer Jones has a sweet, adorable 4-year-old daughter named Sullivan. The little girl is a huge fan of Hillary Clinton and managed to meet the Democratic candidate earlier this year while she was dressed as her political idol. But a photo taken of that meeting was later used by Trump supporters for a horrible purpose.

The photo of Sullivan with the former Secretary of State was appropriated by a Facebook group calling itself “Men for Donald Trump,” and then this caption was added by the devious online Trumpkins:


Further down, below the photo, was a bilious message accusing Clinton of accepting money and refugees from countries:

“That would mutilate this girl’s genitals, marry her to a Muslim pedophile, and stone her to death if she doesn’t wear a bedsheet.”

Jones said she felt both angry and helpless:

“I’ve always heard that once things are on the internet, that they’re there forever and there’s nothing you can do, but I was determined even if it was just me alone to get it removed. Fortunately I had friends and family that stepped in to help.”

One of those who helped Jennifer Jones was another Facebook group, “Pantsuit Nation,” which bombarded “Men for Trump” with so many messages they finally deleted the image from their page.

Another assist came from Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which contacted the Clinton campaign and urged them to  file a DMCA takedown notice with Facebook and other websites asking that the photo be removed. This same tactic can be used by anyone if your image is ever used without your permission online.

While Jones is delighted she was able to get the hideous meme taken down, she still recalls the way she felt when she first saw it:

“Violated and helpless and that I had failed my child, that this was out there for the world to see.”

While politics may be a contact sport with few set rules, there is no excuse for using the image of a helpless child to make any point or support any candidate. Anyone who would do so is a lowlife scum and should be banned from social media.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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