Trump Supporters Think Their Super Hero President Sent A Secret Anti-Terror Message…In Arabic

Though he hasn’t yet been able to admit that he screwed up and typed the wrong thing when he sent out his midnight “covfefe” tweet, the vast majority of the world realizes that President Trump is a complete moron and isn’t capable of saying he made a mistake.

But now we have Trump supporters on Reddit claiming that “covfefe” is actually a secret anti-terror message Trump was sending to those in the know.

You may now shake your head and laugh uncontrollably.

Yes, Trump fans at Reddit’s /r/The_Donald site have been suggesting exactly what their savior was trying to convey, and they understand perfectly. Here’s some of the postings:

  • “Cov fe’fe means “I’ll stand up” translated from Arabic! The President God Emperor is giving us hope in troubled times!”
  • “Despite the negative media, I will stand up. Cov fe’fe means ‘I will stand up’ in Arabic. Trump never makes mistakes, you guys.”

Just to be perfectly clear, there is no word in Arabic that is even remotely similar to “covfefe,” not even if you break it up and spell it “cov fe’fe.” Apparently some of the simpletons who back the Donald got that idea from Google Translate.

But that didn’t deter the Trump faithful, who also had this to say about Trump’s inane Twitter babbling:

  • “26D chess! He got everyone to cover the ‘covfefe scandal’ and once it is realized by the normies that he did actually mean something, they’ll be forced to cover that too! F*cking genius Trump!”
  • “So he wanted the media and the leftist retards to think he screwed up. He let them go on and on and on, while we just had a blast with it. That Magnificent Mad Man.”

Or perhaps you prefer this bit of incomprehension from another Trump acolyte: Trump is using Arabic to convert Muslims to his global cause to make America great again:

“He’s redpilling them in their own language!”

Personally, I prefer this explanation: Trump was sleepy, decided to send out a tweet, and then the drugs he takes kicked in and he drifted off. Because the thought that a man who can barely speak English learned Arabic (or learned ANYTHING) is simply beyond all belief.

So, Trumpkins, put that in your pipe and covfefe it.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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