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Trump Supporters Tell CNN Charlottesville Was A ‘Setup’ Because They Saw It On Facebook

The question is often asked: Just how much of Donald Trump’s BS do his supporters believe? Some of it? Most of it? Or all of it?

CNN put together a panel of Trump acolytes and asked them about President Trump’s response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. And what they told host Alisyn Camerota should disqualify each of them from being allowed to cast a ballot.

Trumpkin L.A. Key said she thinks what happened in Virginia earlier this month was part of a grand conspiracy designed to destroy her beloved Donald:

“I think a great portion of it was a conspiracy, I think it was a setup.”

Camerota then asked:

“From whom?”

Key replied:

“I think people who want to derail our president. There were buses coming in with lots of young people, protesters, coming off the same bus — and some were wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ and some wearing the KKK shirts. They were brought in to cause a controversy.”

Keep in mind Ms. Key wasn’t actually at the rally to see those imaginary buses, so where might she have gotten such specious information? Well, from Facebook Key and several others on the panel said. Yes, the always reliable Facebook, where no one ever posts lies or false information. One of the Trump supporters added:

“I trust Facebook more than news.”

And so we now understand completely why Trump voters are so ill-informed: They get their “news” from Facebook. Because social media is always accurate, isn’t it?

Trump supporters reveal they trust Facebook… by sarahburris

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica

By Andrew Bradford

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