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Trump Supporter: I’m OK With Trump-Russia Collusion Because It Helped Beat Hillary (VIDEO)

For Donald Trump acolytes, the ends do indeed justify the means.

Monday evening in Lexington, Kentucky, Trump held one of his rallies, and one of those who showed up to see her deeply flawed head of state was Miranda Seymour, who proudly declared she didn’t have any problem with Trump or his campaign colluding with Russia to win the election:

“I think that all of our superpowers in the world interfere with everybody’s elections, and if by bringing out emails for someone as evil as Hillary not being president, by all means bring it out.”

Seymour also said it was perfectly acceptable to her when Trump urged the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails as part of the 2016 election, and she added:

“Absolutely, because it’s the truth. I feel like our media is liberal in the United States, if our people aren’t going to do it, let’s let Russia do it for us.”

Another Trump supporter, Matthew Carroll, agreed with Seymour and said Trump’s ties to Russia are a “minor issue that is just perpetuated by the media.”

So for Trumpkins, treason is a minor issue compared to making sure they’re on the winning side. Many of these people are so accustomed to losing in their own pathetic lives that they’re willing to overlook whatever crimes their chosen savior may commit so they can finally be part of a victorious team. And they don’t even seem to realize that Trump, through his policies, is preparing to make them even more destitute than they already are.

It would be tempting to call all this brainwashing and write these people off. But just the fact that they’re willing to look the other way on what may wind up being a bigger scandal than Watergate tells you just how tenuous a grasp on reality many of these Trump fans have.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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