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Trump Spokesperson Gets DESTROYED For Trying To Blame Racism On The Media (Video)

Yesterday on MSNBC, Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson attempted to blame the media for the incredibly racist comments her boss has made in recent days about the federal judge overseeing the Trump University case. But two MSNBC hosts–Lawrence O’Donnell and Joy Reid, weren’t buying Pierson’s crap for a second.

Reid started the interview by asking Pierson how Trump could possibly question the neutrality of Judge Gonzalo Curiel based solely on his ethnic identity. Pierson, just like Trump, immediately turned to lies, alleging that it wasn’t about race, it was about rulings issued by Judge Curiel. To that, Reid replied:

“It’s the ethnicity he’s putting forward. When he’s asked repeatedly why the judge couldn’t be fair, he’s said, ‘Well, he’s Mexican.’”

Pierson tried to change the focus of the query, saying the media was to blame for painting Trump as racist and bigoted. Again, Reid lit into her:

“The reason I think the media constantly talks about Donald Trump and his issues with Americans that are non-white is because he keeps bringing it up on his own. Nobody asked him about the judge’s background, the judge’s ethnicity. He brought it up on his own and when he was asked if that would also apply to Muslims he, on his own, without being prompted said, ‘Yeah, actually that’s a problem.’ He’s bringing these things up.”

Once again, Pierson attempted to play a shell game and blame anyone but Trump:

“No, see, the media has a problem with Donald Trump and race not Donald Trump.”

O’Donnell then joined the fray, asking this question of Pierson:

“I’m just wondering how you’d feel if a member of your family was in that position that that judge is in, in California, and a member of your family’s integrity as a judge was called into question on the basis that you’ve laid out here today, which is that the media has labeled Donald Trump a racist, therefore, people out there think it and that judge might be one of them. If that judge was related to you and Donald Trump wanted that judge knocked off of this case, how would you feel about that?”

Pierson said that wasn’t nearly the same thing because Trump doesn’t have any policies that are anti-black.

Nah, he just stands at a podium and yells:

“Look at my African-American!”

For the full exchange from Sunday, take a look at this video:

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