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Trump Shill Asked About Russia Connection Goes Off On Rant About…Al Gore?! (VIDEO)

With each passing day it seems we get another revelation about contacts made by the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, and with each of these we also get the anger and denials from the so-called president via Twitter as he attempts to blame the media and those who he claims are leaking information to the media.

Monday morning on CNN, former Trump campaign official Robert Wasinger was asked by host Alisyn Camerota about what he knew regarding the Trump team’s contacts with Russian operatives, and rather than reply, Wasinger attempted to blame American intelligence agencies:

“I think right now everybody needs to take a step back. All we really know, the only thing that’s come out is that the national intelligence community illegally wiretapped [former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn] having a conversation. That’s the only thing we know. The rest of it is very imprecise allegations and rumors and innuendo. I don’t know what the allegation is about the contacts.”

How do we know the wiretapping of Flynn wasn’t done with a court order? Does Mr. Wasinger have some information that he got from Russian spies regarding how we learned of Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador about lifting American sanctions on the Russians?

Camerota reminded Wasinger:

“There were repeated contacts between high level Trump aides and Russia, and that this was before Mr. Trump was in the White House. Which, of course as we know, there’s only one president at a time so that would run afoul of rules and tradition.”

That’s when Wasinger got downright Trumpian, going off on a bizarre rant which wound up including former Vice President Al Gore:

“I think again, like I said, what we have is the national intelligence community with illegal tapping letting out that information to the Washington Post in an effort to take out former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. I think if you take a step back at some of the other elections where allegations like this have been made, particularly in ’96 with the Chinese fund-raising, we had actual evidence of the Chinese trying to influence the election through financial contributions.”

WTF?! How did we go from 2016 all the way back to 1996 and allegations that were never proven? Let’s try and stay on topic, shall we?

It’s been said before and will be said many times again in the future: There’s a lot of smoke around the Trump-Russia issue. And yes, where’s there’s smoke there is inevitably a fire.

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By Andrew Bradford

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