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Trump Sets Meeting With Vets Groups; You Won’t Believe Who He Sent In His Place

Donald Trump always says he loves and respects veterans. He says he intends to listen to their needs and respond to their concerns. He’s even raised money for them and then refused to hand any of it out until he was publicly shamed by the media.

But what the so-called president did this week has left lots of groups that advocate for veterans feeling “completely rebuffed” by the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief.

Several veterans’ groups were invited to a meeting at the White House and were expecting to talk to Trump, Mike Pence, or another high level administration official.

Instead, the person sent to meet with the vets was former reality TV contestant Omarosa Manigault.

Joe Chenelly, executive director of AMVETS, remarked:

“I won’t say anyone told us we were meeting with the president, but it was implied that we would be able to voice our concerns to the boss, the guy who ultimately runs everything, which is the president.”

Chenelly said his group felt “completely rebuffed” and added this about Trump’s outreach to veterans so far:

“We feel like we really need the opportunity to talk directly to the Commander-in-Chief and the people making the decisions.”

And this is hardly the only time that Manigault has been sent to meet with veterans. During the transition in December of 2016, Trump was also represented by the reality TV personality for a meeting held at Trump Tower in New York.

Donald Trump does not give a damn about anyone but himself. He’s a textbook narcissist and con man who will say whatever is necessary to scam people out of their money or their vote. As for veterans, the only reason Trump is even mildly thankful for their sacrifice is because he was too big of a wimp to serve his country in Vietnam claiming that he suffered from “heel spurs.” Those heel spurs, however, didn’t keep Trump from participating in intramural sports while in college, proving yet again that this pathological liar doesn’t have an ounce of truth in him.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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