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Trump Said On Hot Mic In 2005 About Women, I ‘Grab Them By The Pussy’ (VIDEO)

If there are indeed still any women left in the United States who are seriously considering voting for Donald Trump, they need to be informed of exactly how he sees every female on the planet: As objects for his personal amusement and groping.

A video was just obtained by the Washington Post which shows Trump talking to Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” and Trump is talking about a failed attempt to “seduce” a woman. He tells the reporter:

“I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said, ‘I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.’

“I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”

Later in the same interview, Trump says:

“I’ve gotta use some tic tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.

“And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Seconds later, Trump lets loose with this:

“Grab them by the p*ssy. You can do anything.”

Informed of the report from the Post, the Trump campaign issued this ridiculous statement:

This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close.

All along we have been wondering when Donald Trump would be caught saying something so over the line that he cost himself the election. Now we have that one thing. This man should be disqualified from running, but since that won’t happen, he needs to be beaten–and beaten badly–in November.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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