GOP Whining Supreme Court WTF?!

Trump Refuses To Believe Supreme Court Pick Gorsuch Had The Nerve To Criticize Him

Donald Trump has absolutely no respect for the American judicial system, and he has proven this repeatedly. Whether he’s taking pot shots at the judge in the Trump University trial (which Trump later settled for $25 million) or hurling insults at the federal judge who put a halt to his Muslim ban, Trump is fond of trying to tear down the American legal system.

Now we learn that Trump’s own nominee for the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, is also troubled by remarks the alleged president has made about American jurists. According to Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, Gorsuch told him he found Trump’s comments about Judge James Robart to be “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”

Rather than apologize or remain silent, Trump had to post this on Twitter early Thursday morning:

So is Blumenthal misrepresenting what Gorsuch told him? Not according to Ron Bonjean, who is the judge’s spokesperson. Bonjean confirmed, word for word, that what Blumenthal said is absolutely true. So did GOP Senators Kelly Ayotte and Ben Sasse.

Let’s take a moment here to more fully examine the lies and hypocrisy found in Trump’s Thursday morning tweet:

  • Blumenthal didn’t serve in Vietnam and once alleged he did. That’s factual. But what Trump neglected to say is he didn’t serve either, getting a medical deferment for “heel spurs.” Oddly, even though those heel spurs prevented him from military service, they didn’t keep Trump from participating in intramural sports while in college.
  • There was no misrepresentation of what Gorsuch told Blumenthal, and we have multiple sources which confirm Gorsuch did indeed express his concerns regarding Trump’s criticism of the judge who issued the temporary restraining order on the Muslim ban.

What we see very clearly yet again is that Donald Trump does not have a single ounce of truth in him. He constantly lies. He is a pathological liar. He is a disturbed person who is need of extensive psychological counseling. Trump is unstable and unable to control his need to lie about anything and everything, even when he would be better served by the truth.

Donald Trump is a cancer on the American body politic.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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