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Trump Refuses Interview Unless Reporter Will Agree To Give Him The Questions In Advance

While he was campaigning yesterday in the key battleground state of Florida, Donald Trump was asked to do a one-on-one interview with local reporter Jenna Bourne, who works for Action News Jax. Trump said he would be delighted to on one condition: He wanted Bourne to provide him with the questions before he sat down for the interview.

Bourne ran Trump’s proposal by her superiors at the television station and sent some topics to the Trump campaign which would be covered in the interview: “Marco Rubio, diplomacy in the White House, Hispanic Florida voters, and Refugees.”

Trump and his campaign staff said no dice; they would not agree to any interview unless they got the questions in advance. It should be noted that this is the same Donald Trump who has said repeatedly over the past couple of weeks that based on information from Wikileaks, DNC chair Donna Brazile gave Hillary Clinton the exact wording of a question prior to a town hall event. Apparently Trump is unfamiliar with the meaning of the word “hypocrite.”

Last week in Ohio, Trump told a group of his rabid supporters:

“Can you imagine if I got the questions? They would call for the reestablishment of the electric chair.”

But Trump has been doing this since he first announced his candidacy. He accuses others of things that he himself does as if that will obscure the fact that he is a sniveling little weasel who is afraid of answering real questions from actual reporters. And this man wants to be trusted with nuclear codes and negotiations with world leaders?! Please! The man, as Hillary Clinton has repeatedly reminded us, can be baited with a tweet.

It will be so nice when we are finished with Donald Trump and can get about doing the important business of this country, which, by the way, is already great, Donnie!

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By Andrew Bradford

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