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Trump Press Representative Crashes And Burns During CNN Interview (Video)

Well, we’ve now established yet another fact about the Trump for President campaign: the people who work for him are just as stupid as he is, as was proven today when one of the campaign’s spokespeople could not manage to answer a simple question posited by Carol Costello.

Healy Baumgardner is the senior press representative for the Trump campaign, and the question to her was about what exactly Trump had meant when he said earlier this year that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was “amazing” because he was willing to kill members of his own family. Baumgardner’s reply:

“Well, I think top line, Mr. Trump’s point is that he wants to keep an open dialog and repair relationships with world leaders.”

Costello reiterated the question:

“But what was he trying to say in January at his campaign rally?”

This is where it began to take on the surreal feeling of something from “The Twilight Zone,” with the spokesperson saying:

“Well, I’m not going to speculate on what he meant specifically by those points, but generally he wants to have an open dialog to repair relationships with leaders throughout the world.”

At this point, the Blaze’s Amy Holmes, who was also part of the conversation, chimed in as if to rescue the Trump rep:

“I think Donald Trump was trying to project strength. He’s complimented Vladimir Putin in similar terms…I think what Donald Trump was trying to do is sound like a strongman himself.”

Once again, Costello tried to allow Baumgardner to say something even the least bit intelligent, asking:

“Healy, you can’t give us any more guidance on this. You are the senior press representative for Mr. Trump.”

Baumgardner replied:

“I am, exactly. And what I’m telling you is that top line, you know, one of his biggest goals is to repair relationships with leaders throughout the world.”

Repair relationships with leaders around the world?! The Donald can’t even manage to hire a spokesperson who has any idea of how to respond to a question.

The cringeworthy interview can be seen here:

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By Andrew Bradford

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