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Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer May Be Ready To Implicate The Donald

Though his name isn’t exactly as well known as that of his boss, Allen Weisselberg is one of the most important employees at the Trump Organization, and is said to know where “all the bodies are buried” when it comes to potential crimes that have been committed by failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

Weisselberg is said to be fanatically loyal to Trump, but prosecutors with the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. are squeezing Weisselberg’s two sons, and that may wind up convincing their father to tell everything he knows about the Donald, according to Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who told Jane Mayer of The New Yorker:

“He’s not going to let his boys go to prison, and I don’t think he wants to spend his golden years in a correctional institution, either.”

That’s not all Cohen had to say, adding that Vance’s investigation should have Trump very worried:

“It’s the Vance investigation that I believe causes Trump to lose sleep at night. Besides the horror of actually having to open up eight years of his personal income-tax statements, Vance is accumulating a vast road map of criminality for which Trump must answer.”

Andrew Weissmann, who headed the Justice Department’s criminal-fraud section and was also a key prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, says he thinks accounting records will be what seal the case and send Trump to prison:

“Accounting records can be fantastic,” he said. As a veteran of successful prosecutions of the Gambino and the Genovese crime families, and also top Enron executives, Weissmann told me that the first thing investigators will probably do is a wealth analysis. “You pull everything,” he explained. Prosecutors will likely create a time line and compare it with various financial representations made by the Trump Organization, looking for inconsistencies. If the accountants’ work records show that they weren’t informed by Trump about misrepresentations that the company made to secure financial advantages, then it will be much easier to argue that Trump bears criminal responsibility. As Weissmann put it, “Then you’re golden!”

But for Donald Trump, the days of being “golden” are long gone, and he won’t be able to buy anything of real value from the commissary at Rikers Island.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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