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Trump On The Idea Of Don Jr. Running For Office: ‘He Wouldn’t Have A Chance’

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, there’s been lots of chatter among Republicans regarding who might be the next Trump to ascend to the political spotlight and run for office.

One name that often comes up is the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., even though Junior is often seen as being a spoiled little trust fund baby who has never held a job outside of “working” for his daddy.

But what does the elder Trump think? Does he see his son as being a viable contender in the political arena?

Based on remarks the president made Thursday, it certainly sounds like the president doesn’t think Don Jr. should start by running for mayor of New York, a suggestion made by some pundits.

During an interview on Fox Business, the president commented:

“I hope not because he couldn’t win as a Republican, he wouldn’t have a chance.”

The president went on to suggest that what New York needs is “to find a young version of Rudy Giuliani.” Giuliani currently works as a personal attorney to Trump and has often done more harm than good with some of his bizarre conspiracy theories and unhinged appearances on right-wing media.

If Don Jr. wants to run for an office he might stand a chance of winning, he should toss his hat in the ring and see if he can win the post of most despised Trump spawn. It’s safe to bet all of his siblings would be on board for that campaign.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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