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Trump Just Called Absentee Ballots ‘Fine’ And Then Criticized Mail-In Voting As ‘Dishonest’

Once again on Friday, Donald Trump decided he’d attack the idea of voting by mail. But this time he directly contradicted himself in back-to-back tweets.

Specifically, Trump praised absentee ballots, deeming them to be “fine,” but then claimed that mail-in voting is “dishonest” and cannot be trusted:

Once again, Donald Trump reaffirms what many of us have known for quite some time: There’s embarrassingly stupid and then there’s Trump stupid.

As CNN noted in a fact-check they did after the president sent out the two tweets, there’s not a shred of truth in what Trump is claiming:

“Trump is inventing a distinction where none exists, and also peddling baseless claims of rigged elections and fraudulent ballots. Different states use different terms, but ‘absentee ballots’ are ‘mail-in ballots,’ and vice versa. Regardless, there are strict measures in place across the country to verify the authenticity of all ballots cast in the mail. These measures are very successful — more than 99.9% of votes in US elections are legitimate.”

Fortunately, it appears that karma is starting to catch up with Trump and his attacks on voting by mail, with key battleground states such as Florida and Pennsylvania reporting that requests for absentee ballots among Democrats are up, but requests by Republicans are down significantly. That’s not exactly the “Trump effect” the GOP was hoping for.

Remember way back when Trump called himself a “stable genius”? Mr. Ed was a stable genius. Donald Trump, however, is as dense as a chunk of granite.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Trump Just Called Absentee Ballots ‘Fine’ And Then Criticized Mail-In Voting As ‘Dishonest’”

Short and sweet: If there is a viable way to cheat by doing mail in ballots it is obvious that the biggest liar/cheater in the world would exploit it. So, if Trump doesn’t take advantage of a system of fraud that is in his sick head then FRAUD VIA MAIL IN BALLOTS DOESN’T EXIST.

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