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Trump Hits New Low: Tweets Out Fake Photo Of His ‘Black Supporters’

Before we even get to the Democratic and Republican conventions in July, it seems entirely likely that the polls will show Donald Trump has sunk to single digits of support. Then again, he might actually be in negative numbers with the kind of crap he pulled yesterday at a rally when he pointed out a black supporter and began shouting about “my African-American!” as if he was making reference to a pet.

And today we have Trump taking to social media–Twitter, his favorite method of communication–and sending out this:


One tiny problem: The family pictured is taken from a TV news report about a family reunion which took place in 2015:


This, as you realize, is one of the many problems with Donald Trump: He does not try to verify anything before he posts it to his Twitter account, and he could care less if it’s true or false. Doesn’t matter to him; everything he says is a lie, so what’s a few more added to the massive pile he’s stacked sky-high over the past 60 or so years?

Keep in mind this tweet takes place in the same week when Trump repeatedly questioned the ability of the federal judge in the Trump University case to render a fair judgment. Why? Because the judge–Gonzalo Curiel–is, according to Trump, of “Mexican heritage.”

With each passing day, Donald Trump becomes more unhinged, more ridiculous, and a bigger joke. At this rate, he will indeed lose by the largest margin in American electoral history.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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