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Trump Gets Utterly Humiliated By The Pathetic Turnout For His Tampa Airport ‘Rally’

Absolutely nothing is going right for Donald Trump these days. He’s way behind in the polls, his campaign has stopped buying airtime for TV ads, and the Gross Domestic Product for the U.S. economy dropped a staggering 32.9 percent over the past three months, the largest fall in history, surpassing even the Great Depression.

So, in part to attend a fundraising dinner and get away from the bad news in Washington, the president flew to his adopted home, Florida, and landed in Tampa.

Based on the way security had things roped off around the Tampa airport where Air Force One, the White House was clearly expecting a crowd of supporters would be waiting for the president and provide the sort of “rally” he’s unable to hold because of the virus, which is hitting the Sunshine State especially hard.

Just one problem: Hardly anyone showed up to see the Donald:

Ouch! That’s got to be humiliating for an egomaniac like Donald Trump.

While he was there, Trump made some remarks to the sparse gathering, repeating his same bullshit about how Joe Biden will ruin everything if he’s elected:

“If Joe Biden is elected President, the chaos and bloodshed will spread to every community in our land. You’ll have a Portland everywhere. There will be no safety, no security, no peace, no justice, no one to protect you, and no one to defend the American way of life. People like the ones standing behind me will not be considered primetime. With me, they’re considered primetime.”

Yeah, whatever. Blah blah blah. There’s chaos and bloodshed all over this country right now with Trump as president. Things couldn’t get any worse than they are, so he’s just blowing hot air. As usual.

All of this led to scads of mockery on Twitter:

If the lack of enthusiasm is this low already, pretty soon Trump may have trouble filling two folding chairs.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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As he slowly gets cooked he is even more dangerous. Just look at kushner and his behind the scenes behaviour on fixing the pandemic. Then Barr and what is jnr up to these days. They are more dangerous than ever. Who knows what is coming next. Step it up Dems in power…

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