Trump Gets Completely Humiliated For Claiming He Won The Nonexistent ‘Bay Of Pigs’ Award

Donald Trump is so worried he’s on the verge of losing the 2020 election that he’s now making up fake awards and claiming he won them.

On Sunday, it was announced that former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg will spend $100 million to help assure that Biden wins the all-important state of Florida, which would all but seal Trump’s doom, as no Republican since Calvin Coolidge in 1924 has won the White House without winning the Sunshine State.

As he so often does, Trump aired his grievance about the situation on Twitter, where he made his bogus claim about a nonexistent award he claimed he received:

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale quickly called the president out for his lie:

As we’ve seen time and time again over the past four years, Trump lies about EVERYTHING, and his latest fib got him completely humiliated on social media:

Just so you know, pigs were asked for a comment on Trump’s latest embarrassment, and they issued a press release saying they’re not to blame because even the dumbest pig is brighter than the brain dead moron currently residing in the White House.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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He also got the prestigious “sitting on the toilet, award, washing his hands award, and the extremely well known golden toilet paper roll award.

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