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Trump Fanatic Offered $1 Million To Correctly Answer Who Won 2020 Election – She’s Still Not A Millionaire

Imagine if someone approached you on the street and offered to give you $1 million if you could answer one simple question: Who actually won the 2020 presidential election?

Would you be a millionaire by correctly answering Joe Biden?

Of course you would! But if you’re a brainless MAGA moron, you’d insist on saying Donald Trump and pass on the cool million.

Such is the case with a two-man group known as The Good Liars, who describe themselves this way on their website:

The Good Liars came together when they posed as investment bankers protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Together, they formed the 1%’s counter protest: Occupy Occupy Wall Street. What started as one video quickly turned into an actual movement—giving an outrageously blunt and honest voice to the silent 1%.

They’ve also gone after; Chick-fil-A, Scientology, Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, The National Organization for Marriage, Fox News, The NRA, Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, and countless others.

So the two men decided they’d approach some obvious Trump fanatics and offer $1 million for a correct reply. Granted, they probably didn’t have that sort of money to pay off, but they knew they’d never need it because a Trumper is incapable of admitting that Donald got his butt beat by nearly 8 million popular votes and 74 in the Electoral College.

Here’s the proof that Trump supporters are too damn stupid to do anything right, much like their orange lord and savior:

There you have it. Stupid people do stupid things, even when you offer them a million bucks to tell the truth.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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