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Trump Elector Wants To Execute Homosexuals: ‘Hang Them Up Where They Can Be Seen’

A Montana man who is an Electoral College voter pledged to Donald Trump made some incredibly insensitive and downright disgusting comments about gay Americans a few years ago, and is now under scrutiny as electors prepare to meet in December.

In 2010, as part of a protest against a lawsuit filed by the ACLU in favor of same-sex marriage, Dennis Scranton wrote on Facebook:

“I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions.”

Now, six years later, Scranton says he isn’t the least bit sorry for his offensive statements:

“Don’t forget, I’m 93 years old. I come from a different era. I hadn’t heard of anyone being homosexual until I joined the Navy, and then I encountered them. We were raised with good morals.”

Montana GOP Chairman Jeff Essmann says Scranton’s remarks don’t represent the Montana Republican Party, but added Scranton is perfectly fit to serve as an elector:

“It’s a ceremonial function. If people choose to be outraged, I guess they can be. It’s a free country. Some people mellow as they age, some people say, ‘I’m over X-years of age and I can say whatever I want.’ Mr. Scranton has taken the second path.”

The Montana Democratic Party said Scranton’s statements are part of a larger problem that has been getting worse among Republicans in the state. Executive Director Nancy Keegan says it’s yet another example of Republicans attempting:

“To defend small-tent values that hurt Montanans, threaten jobs and our economy, and jeopardize the rights and freedoms we must never take for granted.”

It’s also a common theme that runs through the modern Republican Party on a national level as many conservatives attempt to keep white heterosexual male dominance in place at the expense of anyone who is even the slightest bit different. The GOP is losing the culture war; they just haven’t gotten around to accepting it yet.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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