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Trump Denies He’s Met Putin After Saying In 2015 ‘I Got To Know Him Well’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, it has already been established, is a pathological liar. No matter the subject, no matter the time of day, no matter the question, Trump will lie, double down, and then lie and say he never told a lie. Little wonder that those who are poorly educated love him so much: They can’t follow the line of bullshit that runs through everything he says.

The latest example of the Orange Menace lying to suit his own purposes comes on the heels of released emails which were hacked from Russia and originally belonged to the Democratic National Committee. It has been suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be trying to influence the 2016 Presidential election in the United States in favor of Trump.

Yet when asked about this matter yesterday, Trump told a local TV station in Florida:

“I have nothing to do with Russia, nothing to do, I never met Putin, I have nothing to do with Russia whatsoever.”

This is in direct contradiction of what Trump said in 2015 during an interview with “60 Minutes” in which he reported:

“I got to know (Putin) very well because we were both on ’60 Minutes,’ we were stablemates.”

In addition to this, “The Hill” notes that Donald Trump Jr. told a 2008 real estate conference:

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

Just this week, George Will suggested that Trump may be reluctant to release his tax returns because they would show his connections to Russian oligarchs and Russian organized crime figures Trump has done business with.

We are still waiting for those tax returns, which are customarily released by every candidate for the White House. Trump has said he cannot disclose them because he’s being audited by the IRS, but that’s a complete lie and he knows it. The real reason is because those returns show all kinds of shady dealings he knows damn well would doom his race for the Oval Office.

Instead of the Manchurian Candidate, it would appear that Donald J. Trump is the Siberian Candidate–in the pocket of a foreign power and totally subservient to them–and the ramifications of that, should he be elected, are too frightening to even imagine.

Here’s the interview Trump gave to CBS4 in Miami:

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By Andrew Bradford

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