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Trump Defender: Hillary Is A Bigot Because She’s Biased Against Racists (VIDEO)

I thought I’d heard it all from Donald Trump, his spokespeople, and his surrogates. They’ve all said some stuff that is just plain ridiculous, stupid, moronic, and patently false. But Trump defender and CNN contributor Scottie Nell Hughes took it to a new level of facepalming idiocy earlier today.

As part of a panel discussion on Hillary Clinton accusing the Trump campaign of attempting to rebrand racism as a defense of the country, MTV correspondent Jamil Smith noted:

“I would say that [Breitbart is] part of the white supremacist machine. They are trying to make sure these views become mainstream. And I think, through Trump, they are finding a way to do that.”

Good point, as Trump just recently hired Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon to be CEO of his campaign.

Hughes rushed to Trump’s defense, and the way she did it proves why she is the perfect surrogate for the Orange Menace: Because she is about as bright as a one-watt bulb. Hughes said:

“Hillary Clinton’s problem, she’s having a problem with engagement. And she’s worried about in November, the same very valuable demographic of the African-American vote is not going to be as engaged as they were in 2008 and 2012 to get out and vote.”

Next, the airheaded Ms. Hughes claimed Trump was correct when he called Clinton a “bigot,” and here’s the rationale she used as a defense:

“Bigotry, if you look at the definition, it’s about someone who’s small-minded and sits there and directs hate towards a certain group. Hillary Clinton’s speech [attacking alt-right conservatives] was all about hate towards a group that, while my fellow counterpart might consider them to be very racist, it’s the exact opposite.

“These are God-fearing, baby-loving, gun-toting, military-supporting, school choice-advocating Americans! And just because maybe there might be some, a part of a very small fringe group [of white supremacists] that read Breitbart — by sitting there and saying the entire website is white supremacy is kind of ridiculous as saying just because you have people that are anarchists and communists that read the Huffington Post, calling that newspaper establishment, [is like] saying that they’re pro-anarchy and they’re against the United States government.”

First of all, I’m not the least bit surprised Scottie Nell Hughes knows the definition of bigotry as she and her chosen candidate traffic in it on a daily basis. But if calling out people who advocate white supremacy and white nationalism is bigotry, then I would like to step to the front of the line and be branded as an anti-hate group bigot right now. And I do not apologize for that. Not now, and not ever.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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