Trump Claims Hillary Made Up Quotes From Him, So She Provides Links To Them

Donald Trump loves Twitter almost as much as he loves himself. Notice I said almost as much. When Trump has a stray thought cross his mind, he immediately takes to Twitter and barfs it out for all to observe. But he just got bested on social media by the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

As the former Secretary of State was verbally eviscerating Trump yesterday during a speech she delivered in San Diego, Trump fired up his computer and tweeted out:

So she just made them up, did she, Donald? Um….not quite, you hideous Orange Menace. As Clinton noted when she replied to Trump on Twitter:

If you click on the link in Clinton’s tweet, you are taken to the source for all of the batshit crazy stuff Trump has said over the past several months.

It should also be noted that Clinton’s tweet linking to The Briefing has garnered more retweets than Trump’s initial claim that she lied about his quotes. So Clinton seems to now be winning the Twitter war, which is quite an accomplishment considering that Trump practically lives on the social media platform.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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