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Trump BFF Roger Stone Is Begging For Money To Buy Groceries On A Right-Wing Social Media Site

As Donald Trump’s political stock has taken a turn for the worse, it appears that many of his former close friends and allies are also having a tough time adjusting to life without Donald in the White House where he can do favors for them and steer business in their direction.

Such is the case with longtime Trump BFF/adviser Roger Stone, who managed to cop a presidential pardon before Donnie got his butt kicked by President Joe Biden and wound up relegated to loser status in the POTUS sweepstakes.

According to Parler Takes, Stone has been begging for cash so he can feed his family and pay his rent with this pathetic plea:

“I urgently need your help today just to survive. We are struggling to pay for rent, groceries, gasoline, prescription medicine, and the premiums for the little insurance we have left.

“Your bitcoin and crypto donations will help the Stone family as we fight the endless battle against the fake news media and politically motivated prosecutors still angry about my pardon and seemingly preparing to railroad me yet again,”

Is Stone really so down on his luck that he needs a few bucks for food? Hard to tell, because he lies almost as much as his buddy who now resides at Mar-a-Lago and has delusions of being president again.

Whatever the truth is, the fact that Roger Stone is now trying to make a buck off MAGA morons is encouraging in several senses. And if nothing else, it certainly suggests that the Trump Era is indeed at an end.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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